Concordia-fp is a

backing fund that gives

passive income.


A lot of people make money on crypto, on exchanges, on real estate and a dozen other ways.
But we can say with certainty that you have never heard of the fact that you can passively earn money from online poker.

You would probably be very surprised that right here and now there is a secret way to get 18 to 25% per month on passives, even if you didn't know anything about poker, don't know and don't want to know. And it certainly didn't occur to you that your financial situation could be radically improved by the fact that others are working and you are getting paid.

But let's go in order. And then by the end of this page it will be clear to you who we are, what exactly we earn and how you, in cooperation with us, can have a very solid passive income, even if you have never held a card in your hands.

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The world of online poker is a huge multi-billion dollar industry.

Statistics state that out of millions of players, only 5% are able to show a stable plus result over a long distance.

15 years ago, we were such professionals ourselves. To learn how to win in this discipline, we had to spend 15 hours a day at the computer. We played and learned. We trained and played again. Until, after a year or so, we entered the coveted 5% of plus players.

Then there were 5 years of unbridled money making marathon. Tens of thousands of giveaways every week. Almost complete withdrawal into the night life. Sleeping during the day - working, working and working again at night. Ups and downs. Climbing up the limits and periodic pullbacks. Nervous breakdowns in the form of broken monitors and keyboards flattened on the floor.

The first fateful date can be considered 2015.

Once with the team, sitting in a coffee shop, we were discussing our current situation and future prospects. And suddenly we came up with an idea that struck us like a thunderclap.

The poker industry is big business. However, being right in the center of this money cycle, we are not businessmen at all, we are artisans. A businessman has a serious income, and a craftsman only sells his own man-hours, which are very limited.

At that time, we were already earning very good money. Of course, we didn't become millionaire poker stars. But our steady, stable play at medium limits allowed us to acquire real estate and cars.

We have often thought about investing the money we earn from poker in some kind of business. That day we came up with the idea of building a business on poker without playing it ourselves. After all, we knew the discipline itself thoroughly, the only thing left was to figure out how to monetize the knowledge so that it would bring passive income.

In any sport, there are such areas of earning money. You don't have to be a professional player to make a profit. There are broadcasts, merchandise, equipment, coaching, after all.

And we spent the next 2 years teaching online poker players.

It was obvious to us that a human being has one head, two arms - two legs and only 24 hours a day attached to them. For a poker player, one of the most important indicators is the number of $/hour. In coaching, we reached a ceiling on this indicator. It was impossible to increase it.

And then it was time for our second revelation.

On this day we discovered backing.
What's that?

Backing is sponsoring players for a % of their future income.

In simple words - the player does not invest his own money, but plays with our money. At the same time, he does not worry that if he loses today, he will have nothing to work with tomorrow. Plus he has the opportunity to play with larger bets.

So we decided to retrain in this new direction for us. We had our own student base and our first clients came from there. Then they recommended us to their poker friends themselves.

The business was going, but it was slow. Our own money was quite enough to comfortably support a couple of dozen clients. But we didn't have to work ourselves, plus a stable passive income. We spent about a year in such a fairly calm and stable period. Maybe it would have gone on like that even up to now, but then it happened ...

Guess what???

Asia happened!

It's just a poker player's paradise. A huge number of players who play several orders of magnitude worse than any average player from the former CIS. They play gamblingly, for large sums and part with them as if everyone has a printing press at home. Which, by the way, is not so far from the truth.

It costs a middle-aged Asian businessman nothing to drain a few thousand dollars in an evening, for the sake of getting his adrenaline rush. It's a pittance for him. And there are plenty of them out there.

There was one thing. These are closed poker sites. That is, only for the domestic market. A serious check at registration does not allow a non-local player to get there.

We had to go there and look for decent players to invest in on the spot.


We got a major insight in the middle of 2018.

When selecting players worth investing money in, you have to pay attention not only to numbers, but also to psychology.

Having realized this, we started to find a psychologist suitable for our profile. It was not easy. But nevertheless, after a long search, we got a talented specialist to join the team. For him, any person is an open book. Without any tests. A five-minute conversation on ordinary, even non-poker topics, and he knows everything about the player.

Our grand plans were slowed down by Covid, but we were determined to return and seriously cultivate this unplowed field as soon as the borders opened.

And we're back in 2022....

I'm sure you've had the question for a while: “Well, yes, it's an entertaining story, but you promised at the beginning that I could make a decent income here. It's not clear yet. Can we get to the point?“

Of course, dear friend. That's the part we're getting to.

Our business model is as follows:

  • Through special services we download databases of hands in the poker sites we are interested in. These are millions and millions of hands;
  • We process this data with neural networks. Computer analysis allows us to quickly select only the best of the best players;
  • We reach out to plus players ourselves and make them a fairly generous offer to sponsor their game. As a rule, the acceptance rate is very high due to our special approach;
  • A ten-minute zoom interview through an interpreter with our psychologist. What also makes our approach both unique and incredibly effective. 95% of those selected bring in a steady and stable income;
  • We sponsor a player and receive 25% to 40% of their weekly income.

We have neural networks and advanced psychology and a unique approach to player recruitment on our side.

The Asian gambling market is worth billions. Even a large number of private investors cannot cover this niche.

The extreme gambling of Asian players can be compared only with the legendary industriousness of the population of these countries.

So we decided to use an affiliate program to attract investment.


We offer you to invest in plus online poker players with guaranteed returns of 4.5%-6% per week on the amount invested.

Minimum start from 100$.

As described above, you can see that we have such a generous percentage to pay from. We get 25-40% from players, and we are ready to give you 4.5-6% per week.

At the moment, there is no more generous offer in the passive income market with a real working business.

That's the way Asian online poker is. Only there is a situation where they play and you earn!

That's the essence of the name of our foundation Concordia-fp

Concordia is from the Latin for “concord, unity“.
FP stands for free poker.
Which all together implies “Poker for one and all“.
Even if you don't know the difference between a king and a jack.

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