Affiliate Program

Our affiliate program is very profitable and yet absolutely easy to understand.

There are three types of revenue streams for our partners:

  • Deposit - passive weekly income in the form of interest on the total deposit;
  • Structural - income from users who activate deposit packages in your structure and are at levels below yours;
  • Agency - for transferring funds to other users;

Deposit Income.

This type of income is a dividend paid to you weekly by the Company for providing funds that are invested in promising and profitable online poker players.

The minimum term of validity of any deposit package is 6 months. All this time the active package brings you weekly income. The amount of income depends on the selected Package.

At the end of the package term, you can either withdraw the deposit or continue to receive all types of income under this package.

Types of deposit packages.

Amount of depositIncome (%)Depth of income

It is easy to calculate that at the current interest rates, the point of no loss, even with passive participation, comes after 4 - 5 months. However, you cannot avoid income from the structure under your package, even if you do not recommend this type of income to anyone. And this can reduce the payback period of the deposit to 2 - 3 months.

How is it possible? Let's understand together all the charms of the affiliate program.

Structured Income.

This type of income involves a 2% profit on the activated packages under you.

By your referral link you can invite an unlimited number of new partners. But there can be no more than 5 people in the first line. All further registrations are automatically distributed in depth by the algorithm.

Obviously, with this way of distributing users in the system, so-called “spillovers“ from superior deposit holders are inevitable.

You will have new registrations in your structure that you are not related to, but you will be credited with an income of 2% of the packages activated under you.

Levels in parter structure Income (%)Numbers of partners in level

Your structure may get investors attracted by your superior partners from other countries, such as India or China, and it will grow very quickly.

It's easy to calculate that if you fully fill the levels to the depth available depending on the package, your return on an investment of a few hundred can easily reach thousands and even tens of thousands of dollars.

Agency income.

A user can act as an agent who can help other users to top up their balance by transferring funds within the system. In this case, the sender receives 5% of the transferred funds to the balance.

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